5 ways to improve WhatsApp chat experience for android

WhatsApp is definitely a killer app that almost killed the SMS service and forced many phone network providers to increase the internet tariff due to over usage of data internet. The easy to understand interface and ability to work even in slowest internet,  made whatsapp a huge success among the […]


Zoobe: Record and send animated video messages 1

Zoobe is an amazing app to create animated video messages with your voice and these creations can be shared in your social media like Facebook and Whatsapp. This app is available for iPhone and Android devices. If you are a Whatsapp user, then it’s evident that you are a victim […]



AlarmRun: This smart alarm app will force you out of bed

AlarmRun is a smart alarm app for android, that will get help from your friends and family to wake you up. Are you a heavy sleeper who continue to press snooze and go on sleeping? If yes, then alarmrun is the best alarm app that can help you to wake […]

Snapsolve – Connects students and tutors using camera snap on iphone

Snapsolve is a new app launched to help students to get help from tutors and peer students with an iPhone camera snap. Many students seek peers’ help or tutor’s help when they get stuck while writing a tricky mathematical problem homework. Snapsolve helps such students to share their homework problem […]


google handwriting input

Google introduces handwriting input on android for text and emoji

Google today released a cool new handwriting input in addition to the default keyboard and voice input. This wonderful input works on phones and tablets which have Android 4.0.3 and up. Not only English, it recognizes about 82 languages. This is much useful when it is challenging to type other languages […]

Did you know “How Facebook app works smoothly in all devices”

Facebook app uses a simple library called Device Year Class which classifies the manufactured year of the device. Have you ever wondered how does one single version of Facebook app is used across devices of different configurations? Well, the answer told by Facebook is very simple. It uses a library […]

facebook device class

Get SMS from your lost android phone using mobile tracker application 5

Mobile Tracker for android is a simple yet effective application to get SMS from your lost android phone and trace the new SIM card’s phone number. When the Android phone gets stolen/lost and When the new SIM card is inserted in the mobile, this app begins and automatically sends SMS […]

Mobile tracker for android app icon

“Sim Tze rubbed his head, looked jerseys from china,at just the

The scientific community is still very much in the process of discovering how these similarities come about, including about where the microbes come from. We know some places our microbes come from are other people, environmental, surfaces we touch, stuff we breathe, in our food sometimes, livestock and pets, sometimes […]